Concept to completion – Nexus Exhibits is ready to design and build your custom display. Work with one of our Exhibit Designers to tell us about what you’d like to accomplish with your display, what parameters you require. We’ll ask the right questions to find the best approach for your budget and timeline. Our palette of materials, lighting and technology give us tremendous freedom to innovate. Let us find you a unique solution for your custom display needs.

Tervita – Large Outdoor Booth

Tervita wanted to showcase their new name and brand at the Global Petroleum Show, so Nexus seized every opportunity to make their branding pop. We started by creating a grand entrance to the outside of the tent with our rental Truss system and produced large hanging banners. We then incorporated the circular Tervita logo with outdoor tensioned fabric signs stretched over circular frames. Fabric flags were used for branding at a height to grab the attention of passersby.

Inside the large tent, we included temporary printed signs, removable decals on the tent walls, and a brand coordinated lounge area. Tervita’s existing modular assets (like their pop up display with monitor stands) were also used inside the tent, giving the entire display a cohesive look and feel.


Bow Valley College wanted to feature their vision statement and a few alumni for their 50th-anniversary celebration. We were more than happy to offer an innovative signage solution. We used multiple media to able to create a professional look with large format graphics representing the growth of the college, as well as statements from each featured alumnus.

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When you work with Nexus, you get rid of the headache while maintaining control. We’ll set you up with a designer, who will work with you to turn your concept into a fully realised idea. The approved design goes to our fabricators who turn dreams into realities. We’ll build your display with details like weight, storage, and mobility in mind. The end result is an effective, functional, and innovative display. And it all starts with you!

Bring us your concept today; we can’t wait to bring your “wow” to life.

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In an effort to serve you better, Nexus Exhibits has been developing various online tools and systems to allow our clients access to their inventory, our rental items and more. If you would like more information about our growing library of online tools please contact us.

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This is our client inventory and ordering system. Registered users can login to see what items they have available for events. They can create orders and add Nexus rental items. We will arrange, pack and ship the orders and you never have to leave your chair

nexus repair centre

Nexus Repair Centre is happy to help get your existing displays back to show ready. From banner stands to pop-up displays, we can bring new life back into your item.


A large sales force may be impressive-looking, but overloading your booth with staff makes it intimidating for visitors to enter your booth.
Less is more – don’t overload your display graphics with too much information. The purpose is to attract attention and instantly tell a visitor what you’re about. Save the details for your brochure.
Not all bannerstands are created equal. They may look the same, but the expression “you get what you pay for” is true when it comes to the internal mechanisms and print quality of a retractable bannerstand.
Lose the table! A draped table across the front of your booth says “don’t come in”. Spend on good display units for your products that show off what you have to offer.
Use a concept – a good marketing plan takes a unique concept and applies it to all aspects of your display. Draw attention to yourself with something clever that stands out.
If you’re designing your own graphics, remember that most displays sit on the floor, so the bottom third of the display is not readily visible and therefore not a good place for important information.


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