Scope of Project

Client Meeting/Programming
Nexus Exhibits was contacted by Egg Farmers of Alberta to create a booth that fulfilled their requirements for a new family friendly, interactive display, appearing at trade-shows around Alberta. Communication at the beginning happened primarily through email and phone calls, between the client, and Nexus Exhibits. Once the proposal was won, more strategic planning meetings and detailed proposals were scheduled.

Target Audience
The target audience for the Egg Farmers of Alberta booth was school age children and families across Alberta.

Booth Requirements

  • Modular, able to mix and match components depending on audience/event/location, which fits into either a 10’x10’, 10’x20’, or 10’x30’ configuration. All configurations were meant to be open and spacious with ample room to move about and accommodate high traffic.
  • Ability to house live egg-laying chickens in a chicken coop, who were laying eggs on site.
  • Several wall mounted video monitors, some touch screen monitors and the ability to pick and choose how many to bring to each event.
  • Podium for staff to engage with visitors
  • 3D model of an egg, or some sort of interactive display to teach about all the parts of an egg.

Branding Requirements
For the Egg Farmers booth, all content was created with the branding guidelines for Egg Farmers of Alberta in hand. The Nexus Designer worked hard to ensure that all content being displayed met the visual story that Egg Farmers was wanting to tell, and that their brand guidelines had been read, understood, and followed.

Crating & Shipping
The booth is shipped in (numbers of crates) that were designed by Nexus. These crates ensure all pieces of the booth are easily transportable, and will be protected from potential shipping damage.
This booth remains in active circulation around Alberta and makes appearances at the Calgary Stampede, Calgary and Lethbridge Aggie Days, and Amazing Ag. Weight of this booth is 500lbs, with shipping crate included. Installation can be done by two people, with instruction sheets on set up.


Objective #1 – Accommodate live egg-laying chickens into the booth for children and families to be able to watch and engage with, in order to better understand the livestock, their needs, and how Egg Farmers of Alberta meets those needs.
This was accomplished through incorporating a chicken coop into the booth, with stools on either side that smaller children could stand on in order to see the chickens at eye level, as well as be able to touch and interact with the chickens and see the egg laying process. There was a shoot for the eggs to drop into during the day so that visitors to the booth could view the egg laying process.

Objective #2 – The Egg Farmers of Alberta’s older booth had too much non-functional interactive technology, which, in the new booth, they were looking to replace with tactile and sensory experiences.
After a comprehensive look at what the current booth’s technology and interactive experiences were, decisions were made about what to remove that was no longer serving the guests. Nexus worked with the client to create new, exciting interactions and experiences that resulted in less screen time, and more face to face interaction, with the ability to share parts of the booth on social media channels.

Challenge #1 – Accommodating live chickens in the booth, ensuring humane treatment and health.
Nexus created the display around two different types of chicken, incorporating them into the display in a clean, humane way that made them accessible to patrons in the booth and ensured that they were separated in the appropriate way (brown Chickens and white Chickens could not be placed into the same cage). The final solution was to create the booth around the chicken coop, and make that the most exciting experience for the guests.

Challenge #2 – Creating a ‘rustic’ barnwood feeling to the booth without using any wood.
All graphics were designed and completed in house, with the client asking for an aesthetic that had more of a barnwood/rustic feeling to it. Our graphic designer created the design so that even though the whole booth was made of fabric, it had the rough wood aesthetic and rustic look that the client was looking for.